Programação, temporada 2023

Escola Municipal de Música

Shaping talents is more than a mission: It’s a philosophy

One of the most renowned institutions for musical training in Latin America, the São Paulo Municipal School of Music is responsible for the education of countless generations of professional musicians in Brazil and around the world. Founded in 1969 by maestro and composer Olivier Toni, it is now managed by composer Antonio Ribeiro. The school is considered a landmark for both the municipal and the national cultural scene, and relies on faculty members who are doctors, masters and specialists with huge national and international influence. A lot of them were students of the School itself.

The School’s philosophy consists in promoting a deeper and truly differentiated kind of musical training, that could prepare its students to act as professional instrumentalists or singers in orchestras, choirs, chamber music groups, either in competitions or in solo careers.

The School’s program include individual classes for each instrument and collective classes for theoretical subjects, as well as practical experiences for both the choir and the orchestra. In addition, the institution offers workshops for Ancient Music, Choir Conducting, Voice Physiology and Phonetics, the Opera Studio and the Contemporary Music Atelier. All of these activities are open to the community and focus on specific discussions around these segments.

*students have to be at least 9 years old (admitted age varies from course to course).

**each and every course is free of charge and warrants access to the studying rooms at the Praça das Artes, to the spectacles of the lyrical season at the Theatro Municipal and to the Conservatory Room series.


Coordenadora Artística
Érica Hindrikson

Assistente Artístico
Ricardo Farão

Assistente Administrativa
Aline Roberta de Souza

Auxiliar Artístico
Nathan Viana

Auxiliar de Produção e Montagem
André Nascimento
Antonio Alessandro de Souza
José Roberto Silva
Vinícios Borges