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Balé da Cidade de São Paulo

Our movement tells the truth about the time we live at

The Balé da Cidade de São Paulo was created on February 7, 1968, as Corpo de Baile Municipal, initially with the proposal to accompany the Municipal Theater operas and to present works from classical repertoire.  Under the direction of Antonio Carlos Cardoso in 1974, the company assumed the profile of contemporary dance that has maintained until today.

Since the 1970`s, the company has been a laboratory for constant research and development for Brazilian dance, renowned for encouraging its performers to become creators through choreographic shows, bringing to life some of the most renowned national choreographers.

The successful international career of the company began at the Biennale de la Danse Lyon in 1996. Since then its international tours have been acclaimed not  only by dance critics  as  well as the  audiences  from  all theatres  and  cities  where  has performed and  has settled the company at the  worldwide  dance  scene.

The company has in its repertoire works of renowned national and international choreographers and creators of the present time, among them Alex Soares, Alexander Ekman, Andonis Foniadakis, Angelin Preljocaj, Cayetano Soto, Germaine Acogny, Henrique Rodovalho, Ismael Ivo, Itzik Galili, Johann Kresnik, Jorge Garcia, Luis Arrieta, Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ohad Naharin, Rodrigo Pederneiras, Sandro Borelli and Stefano Poda.

From 1999 to 2009, the company highlighted experienced and well-established dancers from its cast and has created the Cia 2, to form a group that sought the vanguard of contemporary dance trends, approaching choreographic languages through differentiated concepts and methods of the main company.

Its longevity and rigorous technical standards of its cast and artistic team attract important Brazilian and international choreographers interested in creating new works for their dancers and artists.

The set of achievements demonstrates the importance of its performances in the culture of São Paulo and Brazil.



A Contemporary Dance Classic Since 1968

Summary 1968 / 2021 – 53 years

220 choreographed pieces
179 original creations for the BCSP (City Ballet of São Paulo)
40 remakes of pieces created for other companies
27 remakes of pieces from the BCSP repertoire
33 original creations and 03 remakes from Cia 2
27 participations in operas
121 pieces created for choreography exhibits
07 pieces created at exhibits and later incorporated to the repertoire
58 awards
17 countries visited throughout 22 years of international touring
78 different cities in Europa, Asia, Middle East,South America and North America
20 guest dancers
346 dancers

The Dancers

  • Alyne Mach
  • Ana Beatriz Nunes
  • Antônio Carvalho Jr.
  • Ariany Dâmaso
  • Bruno Gregório
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Camila Ribeiro
  • Carolina Martinelli
  • Cleber Fantinatti
  • Erika Ishimaru
  • Fabiana Ikehara
  • Fabio Pinheiro
  • Fernanda Bueno
  • Grecia Catarina
  • Harrison Gavlar
  • Isabela Maylart
  • Jessica Fadul
  • Leonardo Silveira
  • Leonardo Hoehne Polato
  • Leonardo Muniz
  • Luiz Crepaldi
  • Luiz Oliveira
  • Manuel Gomes
  • Marcel Anselmé
  • Márcio Filho
  • Marina Giunt
  • Marisa Bucoff
  • Rebeca Ferreira
  • Renata Bardazzi
  • Reneé Weinstrof
  • Uátila Coutinho
  • Victor Hugo Vila Nova
  • Victoria Oggiam
  • Yasser Díaz

The Personnel

Coordenação Artística
Raymundo Costa

Carolina Franco
Roberta Botta

Maître de Ballet
Liliane Benevento

Professores de Ballet Clássico
Gustavo Lopes*

Professora de Yoga
Patrícia Dabus*

Beatriz Francini

Coordenação Técnica
José Hilton Jr.

Coordenação de Iluminação
Sueli Matsuzaki

Coordenação de Figurino do Balé
Eunice Baía

Técnico de Som
Leandro Lima

Alessander Rodrigues

Doralice de Queiróz

Auxiliar Administrativa
Fabiana Vieira Rezende

Aprendiz Administrativo
Wayne Souza


*Prestadores de Serviço


The auditioning information for aspiring new members of the City Ballet of São Paulo are disclosed on this very page as well as on the Theatro Municipal’s social media accounts. Follow our networks and stay tuned for opportunities.