Programação, temporada 2023

Coral Paulistano

A modernist inspiration to charm Brazil with music

The Coral Paulistano (Choir of São Paulo) was assembled in 1936 promising to incorporate regional Brazilian music further into the Theatro Municipal’s programme. Mário de Andrade’s initiative was welcomed and successfully executed by the director of the Municipal Department of Culture at the time with the intent of sensitising the city’s high society to the ideals of that new nationalist movement that was starting to lure local composers but remained unknown by the general public still.

The group’s development, now seen as a great landmark of São Paulo’s musical history, was one of many repercussions of the modernist movement that was the Semana da Arte Moderna de 1922 (Week of Modern Art of 1922). Throughout the decades, the Choir has been under the guidance of many acclaimed musicians in Brazil, such as Camargo Guarnieri, Fructuoso Vianna, Miguel Arqueróns, Tullio Colacioppo, Abel Rocha, Zwinglio Faustini, Antão Fernandes, Samuel Kerr, Henrique Gregori, Roberto Casemiro, Mara Campos, Tiago Pinheiro, Bruno Greco Facio and Martinho Lutero Galati.

With an intense schedule of Brazilian erudite music performances in different locations in the city, the Choir got back on its feet and found its authenticity once again. Currently, the Choir of São Paulo’s titular choirmaster is Maíra Ferreira.


The Conductor

Maíra Ferreira

Maíra Ferreira holds a bachelor’s degree in Conducting and Piano from UNICAMP, and a master’s degree in Conducting from Butler University in Indianapolis (USA), under the guidance of conductor Henry Leck. Currently, she is assistant conductor at the Coral Paulistano, the Coro Adulto da Escola Municipal de Música and the Coral Avançado do Instituto Baccarelli. In the United States, between 2013 and 2015, she performed as a collaborating pianist at the Butler Opera Theater, in addition to acting as assistant conductor at the Butler Chorale and the University Choir, conducted by Eric Stark. She was part of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, and performed in important concert halls in the United States, including the Carnegie Hall. Specializing in youth choirs, she also collaborated with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, a prominent group in the global choral scene.

The Musicians


  • Adriana Hye Kim
  • Aymée Wentz
  • Dênia Campos
  • Eliane Aquino
  • Indhyra Gonfio
  • Larissa Lacerda
  • Luciana Crepaldi
  • Marly Jaquiel
  • Narilane Camacho
  • Raquel Manoel
  • Rosemeire Moreira
  • Samira Hassan
  • Sira Milani
  • Vanessa Mello


  • Adriana Clis
  • Andréia Abreu
  • Gilzane Castellan
  • Helder Savir
  • Kátia Novaes
  • Lúcia Peterlevitz
  • Regina Lucatto
  • Samira Rahal
  • Silvana Ferreira
  • Taiane Gomes
  • Tania Viana
  • Vera Platt


  • Fábio Diniz
  • Fernando Grecco
  • Fernando Mattos
  • José Palomares
  • Marcio Bassous
  • Marcus Loureiro
  • Pedro Vaccari
  • Ricardo Iozi
  • Thiago Montenegro


  • Ademir Costa
  • Francisco Xavier
  • Jan Szot
  • Jonas Mendes
  • José Maria Cardoso
  • Josué Alves
  • Marcelo Augusto
  • Paulo Vaz
  • Vicente Sampaio
  • Yuri de Lima

The Personnel

Regente titular
Naomi Munakata

Regente Assistente
Maíra Ferreira

Renato Figueiredo
Rosana Civile

Gerente de Coro
Valdemir Silva

João Blasio

Auxiliar Administrativo
Ana Flávia Costa