Orquestra Experimental de Repertório

Experimenting with excellence

The Experimental Orchestra of Repertoire (OER, from the Portuguese title of Orquestra Experimental de Repertório) was founded in 1990 following a project by maestro Jamil Maluf. It focuses on the last step of the instrumentalist professionalisation process, that prepares musicians for grand orchestras and international experiences.

Some of OER’s objectives are: high quality professional education; the dissemination of a repertoire that is broad, diverse and indicative of the sprawling reach of the symphonic arts; and the formation of new audiences. The term Experimental was chosen with three pillars in mind, the first one being the fact that in said step of their professionalisation process, the musicians experiment with their talent. The second one relies on the nature of the repertoire, which goes beyond the European classics, introducing contemporary music from multiple different nations. Lastly, the orchestra prides itself on being open to the reception and fusion of new techniques and technologies.

OER’s many concert series – aiming to deepen thematic approach, with renowned stars of both erudite and popular music, as well as their assemblies of operas and ballets – comprise a programme that have seduced audiences and critics for years. One of the many honours they have been awarded is the Carlos Gomes prize, in the category erudite music highlight.

The OER body is made up of 100 musicians, 83 of them being designated as pre-professional instrumentalists, while the remaining 17 are professionals – the heads of each suit -. The main conductor, Jamil Maluf, his assistant, Guilherme Rocha, and an administrative team also add up to the body.

The Conductor

Jamil Maluf

Native from Piracicaba, a city on the countryside of the São Paulo State, maestro Jamil Maluf has graduated in Orchestral Regency at the University of Music Detmold (in Germany), under the guidance of Mto. Dr. Martin Stephani. During his long stay in Europe, he’s acted as guest conductor for many orchestras and participated in the International Seminars for Conductor in the German city of Trier, besides maestro Sergiu Celibidache.

When back in Brazil in 1980, Maluf became the artistic director and titular conductor for the Orquestra Sinfônica Jovem Municipal (Municipal Youth Symphony Orchestra), at São Paulo’s Theatro Municipal. In 1990, he created the Experimental Orchestra of Repertoire, which he still conducts with great success. He has also acted as the titular conductor for the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Paraná (at Teatro Guaíra) and as a regency professor at the 12th and 34th Winter Festivals of Campos do Jordão, being frequently invited to direct Brazil’s best symphonic ensembles.

Maluf has been awarded the prize of “Best Orchestra Conductor” by the APCA (São Paulo’s Association of Art Critics) five times, as well as the “Carlos Gomes Prize” and the “Maestro Eleazar de Carvalho Prize” in the category of Musical Personality of the Year. As a score composer for plays, the maestro has earned the APETESP, the APCA and the PANAMCO awards. In 2015, he also took on the role of titular conductor and artistic director at Piracicaba’s Symphony Orchestra.

The Musicians


  • Cláudio Micheletti (Spalla)
  • Allan Olímpio
  • Gabriel Curalov Silva
  • Gabriel Mira
  • Gabriel Sereda
  • Lucas Braga
  • Lucas Raulino
  • Marina Dias
  • Matheus Silva Pereira
  • Nádia Fonseca
  • Natália Brito
  • Ramon Nascimento Silva


  • Estela Ortiz – Monitora
  • Anderson Vargas dos Santos
  • Andreza Guimarães
  • Baruque Mezaque Lucas
  • Daniel Lima
  • Felipe Galhardi Rodrigues
  • Kinda Salgado de Assis
  • Renan Ferraz Galvão


  • Alexandr Iurcik – Monitor
  • Alefe Bebiano Alves
  • Dante Tramontin
  • Gabriel Macieski Cortes
  • Gustavo Molina
  • Jhonatas Gutterres
  • Victor Franzotti
  • Caique Carriel da Silva


  • Júlio Cerezo Ortiz – Monitor
  • Davi Marconi
  • Giovanni Ribeiro Vaz da Costa
  • Israel Marinho
  • José Carlos Mendonza Oropeza
  • Karen Hapuque
  • Matheus Cavalari dos Santos
  • Caio Catão De Albuquerque
  • Renato Ferreira
  • Richard Gonçalves


  • Paula Manso – Monitora
  • Bárbara Souza Garcia de Campos
  • João Vitor Dias Mendes
  • Larissa Cunha


  • Willian Gizzi – Monitor
  • Abner Ferreira de Souza
  • Ana Laura Dominicci
  • Bárbara Andrade
  • Camila Flor
  • Diogo Gauziski
  • Daniella Barbosa
  • Diana Leal Alves
  • Edivonei Gonçalves dos Santos Júnior
  • Gabriel Pereira Vieira
  • Gianluca Oliveira Souza
  • Lucas Raulino
  • Roberton Rodrigues de Paula
  • Michael Machado Pedro
  • Rafaela Pires
  • Thalita Chaves
  • Vitoria Lopes Martinez Canário


  • Gutierre Machado – Monitor
  • Mateus Colares de Souza
  • Melissa Viani dos Anjos
  • Renato Vieira Filho


  • Alexandre F. Travassos – Monitor
  • Danilo Aguiar de Paula
  • Danilo Oliveira
  • Laís Francischinelli


  • José Eduardo Flores – Monitor
  • Danilo dos Santos Barbosa
  • Igor Caetano dos Anjos Santos
  • Sérgia Rosely Fernandes Barbosa


  • Weslei Lima – Monitor
  • Alysson Vinicyos Alves
  • Isabelle Menegasse Silva
  • Matheus Silva de Souza
  • Pedro Neto
  • Douglas Donizeti De Souza Ferreira


  • Luciano Melo – Monitor
  • Erick Domingues Silva
  • Jonas Ricarte dos Santos
  • Rafael Dias


  • João Paulo Moreira – Monitor
  • Francis Bueno
  • Jonathan Ventura
  • Leo Ernest Garcias Leite


  • Sérgio Teixeira – Monitor


  • Richard Fraser – Monitor
  • Ariel Gonzalez
  • Jefferson Silva Barbosa
  • Gabriel dos Santos Moraes
  • Guilherme Araujo Florentino


  • Suelem Sampaio – Monitora


  • Lucas Gonçalves – Monitor

The Personnel

Regente Titular
Jamil Maluf

Regente Assistente
Guilherme Rocha

Coordenadora Artística
Angela De Santi

Pedro Pernambuco

Produtor de Palco
Renato Lotierzo

José Neves
Paulo César Codato